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< April, Service Supervisor, Miranda
It’s all about customer service. We’re in the business of keeping the customers happy and making sure we’ve got the staff to do that.
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My Day

Get ready

I look after the checkout area, the service counter and the front door. So, the first part of my day is making sure those areas are neat and tidy and ready to go.

Staff up

When we’re busy, we might have to move staff around to meet demand. I have to make sure we’ve got the team members in the right areas and that they’re doing what they’re meant to do.

Keep the customers happy

This job is all about customer service. We’re in the business of keeping the customers happy and making sure we’ve got the team member to do that.

Have fun

As long as the customers are being looked after, we can laugh, have fun, even get the customer involved. It’s just all about enjoying your job

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My journey

I was with the company for 5 years a long, long time ago. I left for 5 years and now I’ve been back for 23 years!

I’ve been here long enough that I’ve seen three or four generations of customers come through the store. I’m now serving people who were babies in prams with their mum or grandmother back in the day. I love that. I love seeing the people I’ve watched grow up come into the store. I enjoy the customer service side of things so much, it’s all worth it.

I started here when I was pretty young. I probably had a bit of an attitude. I think I’ve just matured and become a better person. And I think it’s because you can’t just come in here with an attitude. You’ve got to be responsible, do the right thing, turn up on time and be a decent person. It’s good for everyone and our customers deserve it.

My thing is that if you don’t want to be here, you don’t have to. So, our workplace has to be a happy place. We have a lot of fun, we laugh, and I think we’ve got a perfect team! The store itself is really bright, too. We had refurbishments a few years back and it looks fantastic. The store has lots of light and space. It’s beautiful.

With a good store, a good team and good management, it’s a winning combination. I think that’s why I’ve been here so long. I just enjoy the job.

What I've learnt
You have to want it
This is just a part time job for some people, but you still have to want to be here. You’ve got to be available, be punctual, be a worker, and you’ll be rewarded for it.
Look after each other
Your team is everything. If you all look out for each other, and have fun, it makes everything so much easier. I have great management and great people with me, and they look after me.
Get out what you put in
I just enjoy customer service. I love it. And that’s what’s kept me here. If you love your job, you’re happy. And I’m happy here, so I’ve got no intentions to go anywhere else.
My favourite section in store right now?
I've got the beauty and cosmetics counter right near my section. If I go for a wander, I tend to end up there!
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