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< Evelyn, Customer Service Team Member, Miranda
My favourite part is that we’re all friends here, and it’s enjoyable to come to work.
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My Day

Check the tickets

The first job of the day is to check the pricing tickets on the shelves. We make sure everything is priced correctly and that nothing’s missing.

Scan for gaps

Next, we do what’s called a gap-scan which is taking note of any gaps in the shelf-stock, so we can refill them.


Once we know which shelves need a top-up, we set about restocking them by using our existing supplies or ordering more.

Play it safe

I’m also the head of store safety, so I’m always on the look-out for ways to improve safety in the store – for our team members and customers.

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My journey

I’ve been with BIG W for 22 years and I’ve been at Miranda the whole time. I started as a check-out operator and then I moved onto the floor working in Menswear and Home Entertainment. But my favourite department is definitely toys.

I’ve learnt a lot here over the years and I’ve definitely become more comfortable with people and public speaking, that’s for sure. The best part is that we’re all friends and it’s enjoyable to come to work. Everyone has good days and bad days, but there are way more good ones here. And we all help each other out if anyone starts to struggle a bit. I think we’re lucky that we’ve got such a great team that get along together. That’s why our store’s so much fun. We get a lot of regular customers and it’s nice to see them every week when they come into the store. They usually come in to see some new stuff they’ve seen in the brochures. Sometimes they even bring us chocolates!

For people who are thinking of coming to work here, I’d say you need a desire to learn and an outgoing personality. People are really different – both the team members and the customers. It helps if you can find a way to get along with others and relate to more people. For me, I’ve found somewhere I’m happy. We have lots of fun here and I enjoy coming to work. What more could you want?

What I've learnt
Confidence grows
Just from having to deal with customers on a regular basis, your confidence can really grow. You get better at relating to people and speaking confidently.
Help your teammates
If anyone’s having a bad day, we all help them out. You can’t lose your cool when you’re in customer service.
Fun is key
We’re very fun-loving and easy to work with here and I think that’s the trick. If we all enjoy coming to work, it hardly feels like work. Lunch is pretty good fun, too!
My favourite section in store right now?
Right this second? The décor aisle. Because I've literally just finished reorganising it and it looks really nice!
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