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< Laura, Online Service Supervisor, Bankstown
I've learnt that I can change and adapt to most things that come my way, and that everything is easier when you take a positive approach.
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My Day

Check in Orders

The day is dictated by the number of orders that come in. So, the first thing we do is check that and see how it matches the projections.

Everything in its right place

We get roughly 130 orders on a normal day, but it varies. So, I need to adjust my team based on the orders that have actually come in and work out if we need more or less hands.

Get pricing and packing

Once we’re ready to go, we get the team out there to start picking the orders off the shelves and packing them to send to the customers.

Make sure we get everything

If the team discover something’s missing, we need to work out how to get that stock for the customer. Which means either finding it in the store, or sourcing it from another store and getting it picked up.

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My journey

I’ve been with BIG W for almost 5 years. I started off as a Christmas Casual, worked my way up to check-out, then courtesy desk and finally to supervisor. About 18 months in, the Online department opened, and I started working there picking, packing and supervising on the weekends.

Then last August, they opened the Online Hub store. I came out to help out for a couple of days to get them started. The store manager asked me to stay. I did! I’ve now been here since August as the Online Service Supervisor.

It’s the team here that keeps me coming back. They’re all very friendly, and they really engage with their customers. Online is very open to scrutiny and you need to take care because the packaging needs to be 100%. Everyone here has real attention to detail for the customers.

I’d say if you want to come and work here, I think you’ve just got to be a nice, pleasant person, and to be there for the customer. Be efficient and be ready to work. Be ready to jump outside your comfort zone. And if somebody asks you to do something that you’re not really sure you can do, just have a go! Because we’re here to support you.

I honestly love my job. It does have its challenges, but I always manage to get it done. I’m going to stay here as long as I can.

What I've learnt
Meet the challenge
You end up performing a lot of different roles here. I've learnt that I can change and adapt to most things that come my way, which is great.
Stay positive
I’ve found that everything is easier when you take a positive approach; “I can do this”; “This can be solved”; and “I can get that done for the customer”.
A smile goes a long way
The team members here are what makes it great. It really pays to be pleasant, and to be there for the customer.
My favourite section in store right now?
Technology! It's fun, interesting, exciting...
and it brings in the most sales!
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