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< Michael, Fill Team Member, Miranda
I really like doing fill because you can see the achievement in what you do. And the hours suit me perfectly.
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My Day

Unbox new orders

We start the day with opening up the newly delivered boxes of apparel and, depending on how much stock we have on the floor, either hanging it up or storing it in cages out the back.

Shoes and gardening

Next up we sort out the shoe section to make sure it’s well stocked and tidy before we head downstairs to fill the gardening and nursery section.

Beauty and sports

Then it’s onto the health and beauty section, which is fun, followed by sports. Which is also pretty fun, actually.

Stationery and toys

Finally, I make sure to look after the stationery section myself. I love it. After that, I’ll go wherever I’m needed, but it’s always nice to end up in the toys section.

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My journey

This is my fourth year with BIG W, but I’ve been in retail for 20 years all-up. I found the job online, applied, interviewed and got it. Working in Fill has been great, so that’s where I’ve stayed. I like it because you can see the achievement in what you do. And the hours suit me perfectly. Honestly, I love my job. The team here is really good, which is a big part of it. We all help each other and get along well. And the store is bright, breezy and very friendly. It’s easy for the customers to find things and we’re usually very well-stocked

Since I’ve been here, I’ve really learnt to take my time with customers. They’re always friendly and usually just need a bit of help finding things. If you take the time to help them and have a chat, it’s really rewarding. Obviously, we’ve got our work to do, too. It’s about finding a balance so you can get the job done and make the customers feel welcome.

Mostly I think you’ve got to be friendly if you want to work here. Aside from the day-to-day stuff like stocking the store, our main job here is making our customers feel welcome and helping them out with whatever they need. That’s something I didn’t fully realise until after I started here. Now it’s something I really love. Since I found BIG W after 20 years of retail, I’m here to stay.

What I've learnt
Be friendly
Getting along with your team and making the customers feel welcome are the two biggest parts of the job, I think. If you can do those right, the job’s a lot easier.
Be tolerant
Even when you’re super-busy, you have to take your time with the customers, and you need to show patience and understanding. Without the customers, there’s no store.
Be busy
Having fun with team members and customers is one thing, but there’s always work to do. You’ve got to keep an eye out for where you can help the team so we can all help the customers.
My favourite section in store right now?
That's easy. Stationary! It's a bit fiddly in some areas, and not a lot of the other team members like it. But maybe that’s why I do!
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