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< Ashlei, Sales Assistant
My favourite thing about coming to work each day is the people - the customers and the team members that I get to be with all day.
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My Day

It’s all in the planning

Every morning, we hold team meetings to map out the day ahead and prep for what’s coming.

Everything in its right place

Before the store opens, we’ll walk the store to make sure everything is where it should be.

Mind the gap

We want to give our customers the best possible choice of products. If we see a gap on the shelves, we’ll look to see if we have stock in the back.

It’s all about the presentation

We make sure all the labels can be seen so customers know find what they’re looking for.

Break it down

As we take delivery of new stock, we neatly store it away. That way, we always know what we have and where it is.

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How I got my start

I started working in this hotel back in 2002. It was trading as an independent hotel when BWS bought it in 2006, so I came over with them. The first BWS manager was really good. I really welcomed what they bought and the new way of working. But what I really enjoyed was connecting with all the new team members. I still do.

Our team is a really good team. We’re a good group of people that work well together. We’re a pretty cool little family. You can rely on each other and know you’ll be there for each other. And I love the community I serve. I’ve been there so long, I feel like I know everybody. And if I don’t know them, I feel like I will.

I’ve always loved customer service. I’m there for the customer. Because we’re the last bottle shop for people headed north to Port Douglas, we get a lot of tourists. It’s lovely to meet them, have a chat, hear where they’re from and find out where they’re going. It’s always fun in our store and people enjoy the atmosphere when they come in.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a relief manager store and I loved the experience. I got to lead a great team which makes it really easy. It’s so good when you can walk into a store to find the team know their roles and do them really well.

What I've learnt
Push yourself to great things
I’m really fortunate that I’m given opportunities to keep learning. And that I get pushed outside of my comfort zone in good ways.
Be there for customers
You’ve got to want to talk to people – to get out from behind the counter and speak with them.
Embrace the new
Whether it’s meeting new customers, learning a new skill, or discovering something new about what we sell, I love that you’re always improving.
If I were an alcoholic drink…
I'd be a Prosecco because
I'm bubbly, easy-going and
a crowd pleaser.
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