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< Brodie, Team Member
You’re constantly learning at BWS. You’re even learning ‘how to learn’ better.
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My Day

Just like clockwork

From scanning items to making the store look enticing, I do a variety of jobs every day. Doing these things regularly makes it easier.

Details are everything

We need to be on top of any stock gaps on the shelves. A customer will always ask “Do we have this item in stock?”

Feed your skills

There’s always an opportunity to learn. Even on my quieter shifts, I use the time to up-skill.

Little things make a difference

Remember small details about your customers. It gives them a reason to keep coming back.

Be future ready

Plan for future situations or upcoming changes, so you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

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How I got my start

I started at BWS three years ago. I handed in my resume, interviewed with the store CEO and, after a few checks, got the call to start straight away. I’m studying to be a teacher, so I was excited by the prospect of what I could learn on the job. Especially from those around me.

We have a really supportive core network of staff who have taught me so much. Especially how to be responsive and adaptive to change. For example, train stations opened close to our store, which meant learning about a different group of customers and adapting our stock accordingly. Everyone in BWS needs to be able to adapt, because every day can throw a new challenge.

I’ve always been a people person, so this job suited me perfectly. I’d had some customer experience before I begun, but I’m always looking to grow. Working with such a special team has made this really easy. They taught me that making extra steps to excite customers and taking on customer feedback is essential.

We recently had an influx of customers from other countries so we took an opportunity to order a wider variety of international stock. Our customers really loved it and the response we received was incredible. I’m always trying to do things like that to make the store as great as it can be.

What I've learnt
Knowledge is power
Whether it’s a new customer quirk, mastering a technical skill or ensuring I do the correct lifting practices, I get so much enjoyment out of learning.
Patience is a virtue
I have more patience than I ever thought. There’s always going to be a new a challenge. But if I come at it with the patience, I know that I’ll be a lot more helpful.
Grow with change
No day is the same and that’s what makes it exciting. Take everything in your stride and you’ll succeed.
If I were an alcoholic drink…
Amarula Cream... it’s even better
than dessert.
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