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< Jordan, Store Assistant
My knowledge has just grown and grown. Before I started this job, I had no idea this world even existed. Now I can see a really exciting future for me.
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My Day

On the same page

Everyone who works in our store gets along, which makes coming to work a lot of fun.

Put help first

Whether it’s offering wine advice or carrying out a case for elderly customers, it’s great to help.

Stay busy

Even when the shop is quiet, there’s always stuff to do and new things to learn.

Full means happy

Most times, customers know what they want. So it’s all about making sure it’s on the shelves.

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How I got my start

When my partner relocated to Sydney, I came too. I applied and interviewed for a role in the Kirribilli store and got it. Coming from Noosa, I jumped at the chance.

If you poke your head out of the door, you can see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It’s beautiful. To sit under the Harbour Bridge on your lunch break is special.

The store isn't that huge but because of its location, a lot of tourists come in. Over New Year and Christmas, its a prime store. It’s always busy, but it goes up a level at Christmas.

We’re mostly a premium wine store. Which means you get a lot of customers asking you about fancy wines.

At first, I had no idea about wine. I thought Shiraz was just a heavy, hearty red wine. And actually, they’re not. I find some Shiraz are so smooth and easy to drink and yet others are really dry.

If I don’t know about the wine and the customer is really curious, we can open a bottle and they get to sample it. At the end of the shift, I get to sample it, too. And I can use that to build up my wine knowledge.

My knowledge has just grown and grown. Before I started this job, I had no idea this world even existed. Or how big BWS is. The fact that you can move up within this company is amazing. I can see a really exciting future for me and I can grow into this business.

What I've learnt
Start strong
There’s a lot of heavy lifting in this job. It’s physical work and sometimes you’ll need to offload a delivery or push palettes around yourself.
Stay strong
I used to be really shy and anxious. But now I’m noticing that a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do, I can now. I like that I’ve grown, even when I’m not in uniform.
Use your voice
Because it’s team driven, everyone can make suggestions, have their own input and be heard.
If I were an alcoholic drink…
I’d be a Bent Spoke craft beer. It’s
one of my favourite beers. And I’m
crazy about the packaging.
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