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When you come to work, give it your best and someone says “Thank you”, it really makes a difference.
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My Day

Walk it open

Before we open, we make sure everything is in it’s right place and ready for sale.

Mind the gap

We do what we call a gap scan. It tells us if we have stock or not, the reason we don’t have stock and any actions we need to take.

Treat customers like friends

I try to get from customers the same things I enjoy from my friends, whether it’s a joke or a smile.

Juggle up

In peak hour, we can sometimes have as many as six cars waiting for us. So being organised is a must.

Love serving

Our service levels are above and beyond anything else. The whole team is really service-oriented on every sale, every day.

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How I got my start

I started here at the Kalamunda drive-through in November 2016 as a casual. Applying online was easy and the process was very streamlined.

I’d even shopped here. I was already on a first name basis with the whole team and felt part of the crew, even though I was just a customer. They were the first people I told when I get the job!

The drive-through is attached to a heritage hotel and is quite dramatic. Some even say it’s haunted.

I have a notebook from my first day I still carry. And on day one, I was told to write down “make one run”. Basically you have to go from the shop onto the driveway, take the order, run inside to get it, go back out with the order, run inside with the money and back out with the change. I was constantly running backwards and forwards. Then I finally understood “make one run”. And I laugh because I share this tip with all our newbies who start now, so they can learn from my early mistakes. I tell them, “Do you want to know my best tip ever? Make one run.”

Once my manager knew I was on my feet, I went onto the Pathways Program, which is learning how to be a BWS leader. I spent every Wednesday night on my own accord with my store manager going over every single facet of this job and learning how to do it. It all paid off. I started my new role as store manager a month ago.

I’ve gone from being part of the team to running the team. They are my family. They are just delightful. We hug hello and goodbye. We share vulnerabilities. We support each other. We encourage each other. I can depend on them and I know that they can depend on me.

We do feel a part of the community. Our interactions, the stories we tell, even the feel. Everyone will say, “How are you doing?” and they want to have a bit of banter or tell a joke.

What I've learnt
Open up to opportunity
BWS-ians do not remain stagnant. If you want to grow with the business, you can. There are so many opportunities available to you.
Be there for customers
I think the communication we have with our customers is special. And that mutual respect and kindness between customers and staff’s an amazing gift.
Don’t be afraid to ask
If I want something, I only have to reach out for it. I’m supported and encouraged and it makes me feel renewed. I can be independent at the same time as being supported.
If I were an alcoholic drink…
I’d be an Isabel Sauvignon Blanc.
Petal-soft and delicate, it hasn’t got
full-on acidity but it’s still very fruity.
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