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< Aidan, Team Member
I think we have more opportunity than anywhere else to discover products. Working here is a really good way to expand your knowledge, for sure.
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My Day

Stocking up

We’ll start off with a ‘gap scan’, which is basically checking what stock we do and don’t have and making sure the shelves are customer-ready.

Getting ready for the show

Morning shifts are about getting the store ready for the day. We finish any jobs left over from the previous day; there’s office work, counting registers, stuff like that.

Customer time

The afternoons are generally more customer-focussed, so we try to keep everyone on the floor. We have some interesting chats and actually learn more about what we’re selling from the customers. I like that.

Get in the zone

The Discovery Zone is great. If the customer’s interested in a particular wine, we’ll suggest they come and try it in the Discovery Zone.

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How I got my start

I got my start as a night-fill team member. About three months into the job I got some additional duties and I’ve continued on from there. The long-term goal is definitely to go on the next Pathways Program to become an Assistant Store Manager. Further down the line, maybe a Store Manager. We’ll see.

My favourite thing about my store is probably the fact that we’re whiskey focused, and premium-product focused. We have a lot of customers who know about the products we’re selling, so we’re able to have discussions with them about that, and we use the Discovery Zone a lot.

The Discovery Zone has always been in the store, but our focus on it now is bigger than ever. I think it’s going to be really important that there’s a customer experience in the store, rather than people wanting to do all their stuff online. There has to be something that draws the customer in.

Before I started working here, I think my knowledge of beer, wine and spirits was pretty good, but it has definitely doubled since then. Working here is a really good way to expand your knowledge, for sure.

I think if you want to work here, you should be really friendly, because if you’re not here to speak to customers, why would you work in a customer-focused job? Having an interest in drinks helps connect with the customers too as you can ask and answer questions about products but the team are pretty good at sharing their knowledge so you can learn more.

What I've learnt
Try new things
Since working at Dan Murphy’s, I’ve discovered that I’m able to slot myself into leadership positions that I didn’t think I was capable of before.
Meet the challenge
I really respect the other duty managers and admire them for their hard work. They’re what made me want to succeed in this role. They always put 110% into the job.
Go the extra mile
I’ve discovered how rewarding it can be to go above the customer's expectations. You can strike up some real friendships and get a lot more regulars when you do that and its what gets me out of bed in the morning.
If I could choose any bottle from my store
At the moment I’ve got my eyes on the Octomore Whiskey.
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