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< Andrew, Product Expert
My favourite aspect is just turning up for work! Dealing with the customers, and hearing their stories, it's great.
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My Day

Find the gaps

First things first, we do what’s called a ‘gap scan’, which is just looking for gaps in the shelves to make sure there’s stock available.

Tidy up

We’re all pretty much focussed on the same things here, and keeping the store looking good is one of the most important things we do.

Chat to customers

Good customer service is one of the other most important things, and my favourite aspect. Dealing with the customers, and hearing their stories, it’s great.

Find them the perfect bottle

In my role in particular, we do a lot of wine recommendations. We get quite a broad mix of customers. Some know the products very well, and some aren’t so sure. That’s where we come in, to help them.

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How I got my start

I’ve been with Dan Murphy’s almost 10 years. I started in the Hurstville store as a Fine Wine Assistant, then a Fine Wine Manager. I’ve worked at four stores in total.

The team here is amazing, and we all get along. So I enjoy coming to work.

There’s a lot of customer interaction in this job, and a lot of variation in the customers. A lot of people don’t think we sell items at the lower end of the scale, but we do. We have some premium products too, that other stores don’t keep. We also put on events for our customers. We’re just a little bit unique here.

I’ve been in the alcohol industry for a long time in different roles, so my knowledge was good before I started. But it’s always improving. And it’s amazing to see how the different product categories are expanding. Gin, for example, has gone from quite a small category to being very large. It’s good fun trying to keep on top of it.

But not everyone who comes here has an industry background. You learn a lot on the job. If you were looking to work here, I’d say a little bit of pre-knowledge would be good, about alcohol in general. And a customer service background would be helpful too. But my main advice would just be to be yourself! Try to be outgoing, friendly and positive, and you’ll be fine.

What I've learnt
Be open
I’ve changed my approach to customers a little bit since starting here. I’m more upfront, more forward with them. We have fun with the customers here, which is great.
Be trying new things
Almost every month there’s something new coming out. Craft beers and ciders especially, are increasing dramatically. It’s good to know what’s out there so you can give the customer the best recommendation.
Be yourself
Be friendly, be positive and have a bit of fun. It’s great for the team and the customers.
If I could choose any bottle from my store
It would be a premium Chardonnay, probably the Levantine Hill.
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