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< Asher, Customer Experience Manager
I see myself managing a vineyard in the future, and I feel like working at Dan's has enabled me to do something like that.
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My Day

Engaging with the team

There are so many different jobs that need to be done in the store, and from a management perspective I make sure that we can all find different ways of working together.

Creating the culture

Developing team culture is an important part of every day. It might be work, but there’s no reason why we can’t have a good time doing it. I love seeing the evolution of a team.

Time to discover

It’s my job to lead the wine tastings in the Discovery Zone, so it’s always nice to try something here you wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to otherwise.

Working together

Our team is a combination of young and old, but it’s never just about the young people running the stock or the older ones knowing the products. It’s about everyone doing everything, together.

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How I got my start

I was looking for a job in my first year of Uni and a mate of mine recommended Dan’s. So I applied, got the job, and it’ll be 4 years in August. When I graduated half way through last year, I decided to utilise my degree with the Pathways Program.

Pathways is Dan Murphy’s internal recruitment and skills development program. You really learn a lot, and I love the career progression aspect. It shows they’re backing you 100%, and your development is highly regarded by the business. I think that, to start off with, my alcohol knowledge was lacking. But it ramped up quite quickly. I grew up in an Italian household, so when I was old enough my Nonna always made me try different wines and taught me stuff, but never to the extent that you learn here.

Working at Dan Murphy’s is all about discovering new things. And you get to share that discovery with your customers. They come up for tastings or events and try new products, and your job is to help them. So don’t think you’re coming into a job where it’s all just running stock and serving customers at a register. It’s your charisma that will help sell a product – your storytelling.

I would really like to find myself in the wine industry further down the track, so for me Dan Murphy’s is a step towards that. The Pathways Program has enabled me to make contacts and get my knowledge up to scratch, and Dan’s have helped push my passion further.

What I've learnt
Not everything is handed to you. It was only after I pushed myself to ask more questions, did I start to learn more and really hit my stride here.
Communication is key
At first, I was very much the type of person who wouldn’t express my views. But management are only as good as their team, so when we all play off each other and work together, we’re at our best.
Never give up
Anything new is a challenge. You just need to learn and adapt – to different workplace behaviours, or different ways of managing – and how to tailor your skillset to those environments.
If I could choose any bottle from my store
My bottle would be the Henschke Hill of Grace.
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