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< Jessica, Customer Experience Manager
I've never driven to work not wanting to be here. I enjoy it, and I enjoy that it’s different every day.
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My Day

Check in with the team

My role is mostly about team engagement, so a big part of my day is speaking to the team. We do that as a group, but I also check in on them personally with some one-on-ones.

Get the store straight

The aesthetics of the store are important, and it’s more than just being tidy. I’ll research what’s trending and figure out the next display I could be putting up, or what the customers might want.

Discover what's new

I deal with a lot of suppliers who want to get their products on the lips of our team members, so we can start selling. So talking with them is a daily occurrence.

Engage with the customers

Customer experience is obviously a big part of the day, which I love. I’m such a people person, and I enjoy being with my team, so that part is great.

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How I got my start

I’ve been with Dan Murphy’s for two years now. I started at my local store in Hurstville, then Alexandria. Now I’m in Double Bay. This store’s quite special, I think. But what really makes it special for me is my team. We have some high expectations from the customers in this area, so it really challenges you and makes you strive to be the best.

You can learn so much working at Dan’s, but you’ve got to be prepared to drive it yourself. Even though I came from hospitality, I think I only had minimal alcohol knowledge when I started here. I used to only drink New Zealand Sav Blanc, and I would enjoy some beers too, but generally wouldn’t really understand what I was drinking. But you work out how far you want to take your knowledge. In just two years, it’s really developed. Now I can appreciate what I drink. I can smell a wine and pick the bouquet, and I can taste the flavours that everyone else is talking about!

Working at Dan Murphy’s is amazing, but it’s not just about liking customer service. It’s about actually enjoying giving your customers a great experience.

So I’m loving it here and I’m loving my role. I’ve never driven to work not wanting to be here. I enjoy it, and I enjoy that it’s different every day. And I know Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s just have so much opportunity. I don’t know exactly what my next role will be, but it’s really exciting, and it’s a comfort, knowing that opportunity is there.

What I've learnt
Learn to adapt
Since working at Dan’s, I’ve learnt that I’m totally ok with change. I’ve worked in three stores in two years and I’ve adapted quite well to all of it. I don’t think the old Jess would have.
Work smarter
There’s a lot of different ways to achieve the same goal. It’s not about doing things one way, it’s just getting to the same end result.
Try new things
One word – Chardonnay! It’s something I never thought I’d enjoy. It always made me think of that stereotypical boxed wine. But now I find it amazing, and it’s crazy how different Chardonnays can be.
If I could choose any bottle from my store
The six-litre bottle of Cristal, so I can sit with my team and we can all enjoy it together.
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