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< Nick, Customer Service Team
Seeing my customers every day makes it for me.
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My Day

Sign on with a smile

I like to start with – and customers like to see – big smiles

Does it all weigh up?

Ensure nothing is leaning on the weigh scales and they read zero

Accentuate the positives

Be genuine with customers and take a real interest in every interaction.

Check it out

Be sure to regularly check your change, check your scales and check in on team members

Ready to serve

It’s all about making sure the customer has the best shopping experience

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How I got my start

I was really nervous on my first day. I was young and didn’t know anyone. I really shouldn’t have worried. Everyone was so welcoming. The really helpful thing was everyone had a name badge on so you could just talk to them.

Seven years later, I’m still really attached to the store I began in, even though my work now takes me to plenty of new stores. I’m really close to a lot of teammates there and I live in the local area, so I know a lot of the customers, too.

And it’s great to have that relationship with the locals. So many come in to chat before they do their shopping. I used to have a customer that came into the self-service especially so I could help him. And there are a lot of elderly people who look for specific team members they know will help. Seeing my customers every day makes it for me.
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What I've learnt
How can I help?
No matter who needs it – customers or team members – offering help is so important
Be yourself
If you're genuine with customers, they can tell and respond really well
Don't be afraid to ask
It's great if you know what you're doing, but don’t be scared to ask questions
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