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< Codey, Personal Shopper Team
It's never boring and you're never not learning. Everything constantly changes at Woolworths, and it’s always for the better
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My Day

It's all in the prep

Every morning, we hold team meetings to map out the day ahead and prep up our trolleys.

'Would I buy it?'

That’s the question I ask myself before anything goes in the trolley.

Pack it right, pack it well

It’s important we pack properly so that everything travels well and bags don’t split.

Fresh means fast

We want to get the freshest orders out to customers, so we focus on completing and dispatching orders quickly.

Off to the customer

It's a great feeling knowing the goods that i’ve hand picked will be arriving in record time at the customer’s door. 

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How I got my start

I started as a checkout chick, aged 14 years and 9 months. When you first start, you’re a baby. The older ones that have been there longer made me feel so welcome from the moment I walked it.

I went part-time pretty much all through my uni degree and then an opportunity came about to be a department manager. It really was a case of when one door closes, another one opens.

I spend my day with people - our customers, the drivers, my team. And not just my own team but other teams, too. You spend so much time with them, they become like your family. I have about 25 people that I manage now and that’s quite a small team.

I really enjoy taking care of them and setting targets. Everything I know and learn. I want them to know. It’s not about the buck stopping with me. I want them to feel involved and to feel like they can make a difference, too.

I love what I do. The job is everything I hoped it would be. And I’m so grateful to my managers for developing me. I’ve definitely developed a lot more from where I was, because of the managers around me. They’ve been amazing at taking what I can offer and then developing me further.

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What I've learnt
Knowing where everything lives
I could walk the store blindfold now and still find every product.
The trick is how you pick
I'm good at multitasking these days, which is useful. Sometimes we have over 60 orders to do in a shift.
Remember who's getting the bag
I pick and pack every order like I’m shopping for my mum. I want every bag to be packed well
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