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With our support, you’ll really go places

Encouragement to keep improving 

We want everyone within Woolworths to become the best person they can. It’s why we have invested so heavily in a strong learning culture. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach and train you. We also encourage you to take measured risks. We know mistakes happen and that they can often be the best lessons. If you learn from them, we’ll back you.

The places you could go

With over 130,000 employees throughout Australia, Woolworths Supermarkets are big. But we’re just one member of the bigger Woolworths Group. Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s and other divisions – they all belong to our family. Which means you won’t have one opportunity with us; you’ll have tens of thousands. Whether you want to move up, move across or move to a new role entirely, there’s almost no limit to where you could go.

Getting ahead

Whatever your ambitions with Woolworths may be – and we realise not everyone wants to be store manager – our store leadership program provides a clear pathway for team members to progress. Food Academy is the way we learn, train and develop all our team members. Beginning in our stores, team members receive on-the-job training designed by the Food Academy to help with product knowledge, customer service training and leadership skills.

Help when you need it

Work is important, but we recognise it’s just one part of life. Should anyone need it, our Employee Assistance Program gives all our team members free and confidential support. If there’s an issue at work, at home or something else you might be struggling with, we encourage you to reach out and get in touch. We have a great team ready to offer counselling or just a little bit of advice if you want it.


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