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Tips for Mums, Dads and Carers

Every year, thousands of young Australians spend their first day of work at Woolworths. It’s an exciting time, both for those that start and the people that care for them.

But before their first day, your child is likely to experience plenty of other firsts;
Writing their first resume, attending their first interview, getting a first taste of adult responsibilities.

We appreciate it can be a daunting experience.
It’s why we aim to be fully transparent and totally accountable when it comes to helping young Australians secure and keep their first job.
Because like you, we want your son or daughter to thrive.

Start with the preparation

Research the roles

Encourage your child to research the kind of roles we offer and explore the stories of those that already work with us

Roles and stories

Discuss the documentation

Before your child or dependant can start work, they’ll need to provide documentation – things like Right to Work documents, their Tax File Number and bank account details. It’s worth gathering them now.

How's their schedule?

For your child, this is an exciting first step into the world of working. We also understand how busy their lives can be with school and extra activities. Therefore, we want to make sure that they have the right balance that works for them. We ask you to consider how many hours per week and on what days your child can commit to. We believe that once they make the commitment to their new role and their new team, they’ll understand how important it is to fulfill that commitment. So we ask that your child takes into consideration everything involved with their new job - like transport to and from work - as they create their profile and pick their working preferences.

Keep calm, stay positive

The job of getting a job can be just as stressful for you as it can for your child. Try and enjoy the journey.

Finding work; how it works

To help us find the best people for our supermarket roles, and ensure every applicant is given a fair and equal go, we ask everyone to follow the same process. Here’s a quick look at what your child or dependant can expect.

Explore featured roles

Encourage your child to explore our job roles, as told by the people that do them

Register their interest

This is your child’s opportunity to build a personal profile that helps them stand out

Getting To Know You

They’ll take a quiz that shows us what makes them tick

Pick their preferences

This is where your child gets to pick their ideal role, which store they’d prefer to work in and the hours that suit

We hire on attitude

At Woolworths, the quality we value most is a positive attitude. And to get a sense of your child’s, we’ll them a few questions designed to help discover if we’re a great fit.

Come in for an interview

If we think your child would be a good fit for a specific role, we’ll invite them in to talk about it

Getting started

If your child is offered a role with us, we’ll send them an induction email to help them hit the ground running

Begin with a buddy

On their first day with us, we’ll pair your child with a buddy – someone who can help them settle in and make their first weeks easier

Along the way, your child will be assigned a Woolworths Recruitment manager.
Don’t hesitate to contact them should you or your child have any questions.

Interview tips

Getting interviews right can take years of practice to master. But there are a few fundamentals we value, no matter the role. So if you’re looking to help your child prepare for an interview with us, these are the tips you could share.

  • Invite your child to think about how they present themselves
  • A genuine smile and eye contact goes a long way
  • Encourage your child to speak clearly and with confidence – we’re interested in what they have to say
  • It’s okay if your child is nervous - what we’re really looking for is their genuine side
  • Encourage your child to spend some time thinking about why they would love to join our team
  • Let your child know we’re on their side – we want them to do well in their interview

Our buddy system

Starting out in any organisation is a big thing. So on the day your child starts with us, we’ll pair them up with a buddy – a trusted pair of hands who can show how things work. And should your child need to, they can approach their line manager and store manager at any time.

Their pay

Money – and the power to earn money – is a large part of why we all go to work. And because it is so important, we make wages totally transparent. Should your child have any questions on subjects like Award Rates, tax and superannuation when they start with us, we’ll do our best to answer them

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