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Will I be rostered for all the hours I put down that I am available?

Not necessarily. If you are asked about your availability, you need to specify a range of times and days which you can work each week. Based on this information you may be rostered within your available time frame once you commence work. However, if your circumstances change, once you commence employment, you can discuss these with your manager and agree in advance upon changes that need to take place with your current roster.

What will my working hours be? Is there a minimum number of hours guaranteed?

The number of hours you work will depend on the position you have applied for and the needs of the business. Each position will have different requirements, and the hours which you will be required to work will be discussed at interview stage. The availability you have provided will be taken into consideration.

How much will I be paid?

Your pay rates will vary depending on the role you are appointed, the state and the division in which you work. Most roles within Woolworths Limited are paid under the appropriate enterprise bargaining agreement or award.

Will I receive training for the position I have been employed for?

Yes. Training is provided for all new employees at the commencement of employment. You will complete an online induction before you commence work, followed by relevant training specific to your role. Ongoing training is also available to employees throughout their employment. You will receive information about your induction and onboarding training when you receive a letter of offer.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

We have a preferred standard of dress. Our dress standards are explained at interview stage and will be explained in more detail after you accept the offer of employment via a getting started welcome email. Wearing a uniform will vary depending on your role.