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Woolworths is proud to support employees from diverse backgrounds ensuring we attract, recruit and develop talented individuals from all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.

Woolworths Group currently employs 2,000 Indigenous team members and we have made a commitment to provide an additional 1,600 job opportunities to Indigenous Australians over the next three years, as part of the Federal Government’s Employment Parity Initiative.

Job Ready?

If you are ready to start your career with Woolworths, you can apply directly by clicking Find a job.

Pre-employment training

Although we have a large number of “work ready” applicants who can apply direct, we acknowledge that there are still a number of barriers to employment for some prospective candidates. These may range from a lack of work experience, to differences in culture or behaviour that are sometimes misunderstood during a formal interview.

Working together with our Indigenous training partner Diversity Dimensions, we have developed a pre-employment program to address many of these barriers. Together with cultural awareness training for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees, we are aiming to create mutual respect in the workplace and a higher rate of retention.

If you have any questions regarding Indigenous Employment opportunities at Woolworths please contact us